What to put on your CV

19 Jun, 2017

What to put on your CV

So you want to work in care, or maybe you already do, but you want to get a better job. What then should you put on your CV to make you stand out from everyone else ?

Well if you are looking for a 9 to 5 job then neither the health or care sector is really for you. The very nature of the industry is that patients need support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and whatever your role you are likely to need to provide support beyond 9 to 5.

Whilst skills and experience are useful, the reality is that due to the inspection regime run by the CQC, every employer will need to have in place some kind of training programme to make sure their employees have the right skills to do the job, and are kept up to date. So often employers are more interested in the attitudes and approach to work from potential candidates, than in the specific qualifications, skills and experiences that a candidate has had.

To get across your positive attitude on a CV can be challenging. You should be clear, concise and factual about the basics such as employment history, qualifications, training etc. To really stand out you should write a short paragraph that covers those areas that you think will make you different, addressing such issues as:

  • How good are you at working with other people ?
  • How good are you at working on your own ?
  • How much do you enjoy learning new things ?
  • How good are you at dealing with stress ?
  • How good are you at adapting to new technology ?
  • How understanding, and empathetic are you of other people ?

Don’t just say you are good at these things, but explain why and how, and give examples that back them up.

Remember, a really good CV could make the difference between getting that interview or not.

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