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About Jobs 4 Carers

At Jobs4Carers our mission is to become the number one site that carers go to when they are looking for that next job in care. By using our industry knowledge of what employers are looking for we aim to provide a simple and easy to use platform for carers to connect with their future employer. We understand a great deal about the issues carers face in the care industry. Use of Zero hours contracts, the time it takes to complete DBS checks, ongoing training and development, are all issues that we are aware affect Carers transitioning from one employer to the next. Jobs4Carers helps by:

  • Being FREE at point of use for all carers
  • Helping you to search for jobs based on what matters to you
  • Providing a series of online information resources

Why choose us

Experts behind the scenes

Jobs4Carers has been developed by experts in the care industry who know what both carers and employers want from an online job matching service.

Free for candidates

Jobs4Carers is free for to register for candidates. We do not charge people for looking for work!

Your one-stop Care shop

Jobs4Carers covers all care settings whether Home Care, Live-In Care, Private Individuals, Residential Care, Hospitals or any other setting.

Care Settings

Home Care – also sometimes called domiciliary care is when you visit the service user in their own home. Home Care services can vary greatly between providing a little regular support to someone who needs some companionship, to specialist services to help people recover at home after operations, or to deal with various conditions.

Live-In Care – this is an increasingly popular service as it enables people to have one-to-one care in their own home and is often described as an alternative to a service user having to go into a care home.

Residential Care – with a variety of levels of service, from assisted living to nursing care homes, these are valuable settings where groups of service users are cared for together, often providing valuable social benefits.

Private Individuals – are increasingly commissioning care directly with individual self-employed carers. This is the ultimate exercise of their freedom to choose what care they receive, when and how.

Hospitals – one of the biggest employers of care assistants, and a traditional setting for those who want to progress to other Healthcare professions.

Staffing Solutions – a number of organisations exist who will employ carers and provide the flexibility and variety of work, so that the carer will be able to visit a variety of locations, including hospices, hospitals and residential facilities.