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self employment
14 Oct, 2017

Self Employment

Many carers, especially live-in carers opt to become self-employed. There are a number of benefits to this, but also some pitfalls. The main attraction to becoming self-employed is that you don’t have to work for someone else. You are essentially your own boss and responsible for finding work for yourself and making sure that you […]

pet therapy
21 Sep, 2017

Pet Therapy

Whilst not everyone likes animals, for those that do, there have been a wide range of studies performed that have supported the benefits of animal-assisted therapy for people with Alzheimers and other kinds of dementia. Whether designed to make a residential facility such as a nursing home more friendly and homely, or whether a visiting […]

6 Jan, 2017

Care and regulations

In the UK the provision of care services is strictly regulated by law. Any company or organisation that charges for the provision of care services needs to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), needs to abide by certain rules and gets inspected and rated. The only exceptions to this requirement to register with […]